OHSUTP: Bringing the gaps between substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and mental health

The Ontario HIV and Substance Use Training Program provides training to substance use, mental health and allied service providers in Ontario in order to increase knowledge of HIV/AIDS and to promote skills development.

OHSUTP is a service of Fife House and is funded by the AIDS Bureau, Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. A provincial Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from substance use and AIDS service organizations provides input into programming issues.

“Great information, style etc. I was very at ease in this training and found the presenter knowledgeable, frank and engaging. I appreciated the positive approach to Harm Reduction, the encouragement to use it in our work and recognizing the importance of relationship building with clients”

Kathleen Van Sickle, Mental Health Worker, Women’s Mental Health Resources

WOTCH Community Mental Health Services, London

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