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Welcome to our Knowledge and Resources section. Here we have gathered various resources including videos, documents, website links and other materials. You can search by topic, population, and/or type of resource, by using the drop down menus below, and then clicking “filter”.

We have highlighted what we consider to be “fundamental resources” for the topics and populations – these are selected with a coloured bar. If you want to understand the basics for particular areas, we suggest starting with these.

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Fundamental Resources

AIDS Bureau, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

The AIDS Bureau provides specific information and resources on the situation in Ontario for human service providers.

Ontario’s co-ordinated response to HIV/AIDS includes policy development and program delivery. The province spends approximately $55 million a year on HIV/AIDS-related initiatives. This does not include physician billings to OHIP or HIV/AIDS drugs.

The Ontario government provides funding for more than 90 programs and services across the province to deliver HIV/AIDS prevention, education and support programs for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and those most at risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS in Ontario.

Ontario Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance

Welcome to the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) website. This page is geared for professionals in the province of Ontario working in gay men’s sexual health.

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

An advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the human rights of people living with and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, through research, legal and policy analysis, education, and community mobilization.

Campaign for Ontario Guidelines for Criminal Prosecutions of HIV Non-disclosure

People living with HIV have a duty under Canadian criminal law to disclose their HIV status to sex partners before having sex that carries a significant risk of HIV transmission. People living with HIV have been charged, convicted and sent to prison when they have not disclosed—even when no one became infected with HIV.

The criminal law also applies to other sexually transmitted infections. But with the exception of three cases (involving herpes, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C), only people living with HIV have been prosecuted.

HIV is not easy to transmit. And HIV medications reduce the risk of transmission and have transformed HIV for many people into a chronic manageable illness.

Prosecutorial guidelines are an important part of the solution. Guidelines can help police and Crown Prosecutors handle HIV-related criminal complaints in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. Guidelines can help ensure that cases are informed by current medical and scientific knowledge about HIV and the social contexts of living with HIV.

This document provides an excellent summary of some of the key issues regarding the criminalization of HIV-non disclosure.

For an update (2016) on the campaign please see: http://clhe.ca/

Dévoilement du VIH:guide d’information sur le droit, pour les hommes gais en Ontario

Le présent guide a été préparé par la HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic (Ontario), aussi appelée HALCO, en partenariat avec l’Alliance pour la santé sexuelle des hommes gais (l’Alliance) de l’Ontario.

Le présent guide vise à répondre à certaines de vos questions sur le dévoilement de la séropositivité au VIH et le droit – en particulier le droit pénal. Il renferme aussi des informations sur le dévoilement et d’autres domaines du droit, comme la santé publique, la confidentialité, l’emploi, les séjours à l’étranger et l’immigration.

Ce guide a été rédigé en décembre 2008. La situation du droit peut changer à tout moment. Communiquez avec l’HALCO pour des informations à jour et des avis juridiques.

HIV Disclosure – a legal guide for gay men in Ontario

This guide was produced by the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic (Ontario), known as HALCO, through a partnership with Ontario’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH).

This guide is designed to answer some of your questions about HIV disclosure and the law. Most of it is about criminal law. It also has information about disclosure and other areas of law, for example: public health, privacy, employment, travel and immigration.

This guide was written in May 2013. But the law can change at any time. You can contact HALCO to get up-to-date legal information and legal advice.

To download, visit:

HIV disclosure: a legal guide for gay men in Canada (2013 May)

Dévoilement du VIH : guide d’information sur le droit pour les
hommes gais au Canada (2013 mai)


To order pamphlets, visit:






HIV/AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario

HALCOHIV & AIDS Legal Clinic (Ontario)
is a charitable not-for-profit community-based legal clinic which provides free legal assistance to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in Ontario, Canada.

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